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As a sheet manufacturer, here to tell you about knowledge sheets. Fabric is characterized by wide, flower and flower-shaped changes in flexibility, according to the different materials used in cotton and blended two categories. Cotton sheets breathable, hygroscopic, feel soft and comfortable, thick wear-resistant. Warp and weft yarns are called single yarn gauze sheets, are known as the full line of stock sheets, yarn interlaced with strands for warp, single yarn for weft called half-line sheets. Blended linen / cotton, cotton / polyester and cotton / linen and other products, with easy-to-wash quick-drying, Ting-scraping, fast wear-resistant advantages. The length and width of the sheets are set according to the size of the bed, there is a distinction between Chinese and Western. The average length of Chinese sheets is 210 ~ 228 cm, the width of 100 ~ 200 cm. Fabric is usually used to reorganize, change the organization or joint organizations, thick texture. Western-style sheets generally about 108 inches in length, the width of 72,80,90 inches and other.

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