China sheet production in 2005

In 2005, China’s sheet manufacturer output reached 545 billion yuan, an increase of 21% over the textile output in 2004. From the resource consumption point of view, the textile industry output value accounted for only 23% of the national textile output value, but the country’s textile fiber consumption accounts for the entire textile industry accounted for 1/3, accounting for the world’s fiber consumption of 1/9 There are more. In 2005, home textile town home textiles output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, Haining, Zhejiang textile town is the output value of more than 15 billion yuan. Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, Shanghai City and Guangzhou City are the top five textile products exporters in the five provinces and cities where textile industrial clusters are located. The export volume of the five provinces and municipalities accounts for 80.04% of the total domestic textile exports. Among them, Industrial development is particularly rapid, textiles exports totaled 3.809 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 26.86% of the total exports of textile products.

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