Sheets Knowledge introduction

Sheets Knowledge introduction

(1) bedding fabric different, different ways of washing, to carefully read the washing instructions on the bed label. According to suggestions of sheet manufacturer, bedding washing steps are as follows: first neutral detergent stir melted within 30 degrees of water, and then need to wash the items into; wash before soaking for about 10-15 minutes, and then began to rinse; well-washed Bedding should be hung to dry, but not prolonged exposure.

(2) washing the pillow or core bedding, it is best to use a drum-type washing machine or hand wash; newly bought bedding in the initial cleaning is best to use weak water, can not be used with bleach; with printing Pattern bedding sets in the cleaning is, sometimes there will be floating color phenomenon, this is normal.

(3) bedding should be cleaned when season, dry and stored in a dry place, the greater the humidity in the south should be regularly carried out drying. Bedding is generally not easy to large area of ​​dirt, easy to clean and maintain, but different fabric products, washing and maintenance methods are very different, washing and maintenance should check the washing identity of each product.

(4) When storing bedding, pay attention to deep, light-colored fabrics to be stored separately, when folded neatly folded, cotton fabric into the amount of mothballs waterproofing bedding products are mildewed. However, silky fabrics can not be placed mothballs, so as not to fabric yellowing; placed in a suitable humidity, well-ventilated place.

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