Steady increase in the output of bedding products

According to the data from the Bureau of Statistics of China, the output of non-woven fabrics and cord fabrics of the first three quarters of China was 3.3468 million tons and 649.8 thousand tons respectively, up 0.64% and 3.47% respectively. It should be noted that in recent years, China’s bedding manufacturer rapid growth, with the increasing base, the growth rate is gradually slowing (Figure 1), but the non-woven fabric exports have maintained growth, the Customs show that non- Weaving cloth in the first three quarters of the export volume growth rate reached 6.15%. The export volume of other major products also increased steadily. The export volume of coated fabrics increased by 6.52%, the export of wiping cloth increased by 11.72%, the export of felt cloth and tents increased by 17.78%, the export of diaper sanitary napkins increased by 13.43% Airbag exports increased by 9.51%. However, the export volume of some traditional products dropped to different extents, such as the decrease of 7.3% in packaging textiles and the 6.28% drop in the export of ordinary thread products. As a whole, the demand for industrial textiles in our country is still growing steadily, but the adjustment of the demand structure has led to a decline in the output of some products.

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