Suggestions for bedding choice

First, check the sheet manufacturer, look at the packaging. Genuine product packaging for each product model, washing methods and fabric texture instructions. For products that are incomplete, irregular, inaccurate, rough packaging, blurred, or unidentified, or labeled with different contents, consumers should be cautious or not.

Second, check the appearance, look to work. Good quality product surface clean and tidy, uniform cloth, fine texture, printing clear, uniform sewing. Some products, although cheaper prices, but the product surface may be stained with stains, uneven cloth, texture sparse, irregular patterns, sewing rough, the corresponding number of important indices will change.

Third, smell the smell, texture quality. Consumers in the selection, purchase bedding can also smell there is no “smell.” If there is a pungent taste, it may have residual formaldehyde, do not buy appropriate. Selection of color should also try to pick the light color is appropriate, so that formaldehyde, color fastness risk will be smaller.

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